Automation Guide

by Elsee

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This guide has been compiled over the course of ~100 hours of designing, testing, writing, refining, redesigning, crying, designing again, and cursing at Potato Salad, Crab Cakes, Stir Fry, and especially Breakfast Beans. Please use this guide as you see fit, either in its entirety or refer to specific sections as needed.

Feedback is appreciated and encouraged, despite my many hours both in and out of the game; I know there is always room for improvement. I can be contacted on Twitch, Discord, or Twitter.

This document is never finalized, and will continuously be updated with new and improved designs. Future versions will include designs for automated serving, dish washing, table consumables, and modded recipes. Stay tuned, keep Plating, and happy automating! Xx


  • Bakery Foods
  • Improve existing designs
  • 2 loop soups
  • Modded Food Automation Guide (in progress)
  • Icons on Smart Grabbers
  • Automated Dishwashing
  • Auto bussing tables (removing plates)
  • Auto serving dishes
  • Automated Ice Cream (yes, really)


  • 100+ designs
  • 100+ hours of work
  • 1000+ hours of experience
  • 4500+ words