Bread Boards

There are 2 designs for bread boards. The first design uses a freezer to store bread. While not entirely necessary, it’s highly recommended to get the starter out faster.

The second design ditches the freezer in favor of a danger hob. Despite the name, I promise that it’s safe; the bin empties faster than bread burns.

A danger hob AND a freezer could both be used if you want a lot of bread! (or if it’s your only starter)



3 grabber, 2 rotating, 1 safety, 2 combiner, 1 portioner, 1 sink, 1 freezer, boards

Danger Hob


2 grabber, 3 rotating, 1 danger, 2 combiner, 1 portioner, 1 sink, 1 conveyor, 1 compactor, boards