Salad has like 8 variations so please don’t ask me to automate each variation. Just grab all the ingredients and throw them on a plate


Apple Salad

This is as compact as I can make apple salad, it still works when plates run out as soon as you refill them


Potato Salad

I’m not sure potato salad can be any smaller and still automated. Literally half of this is just potato wedges. If you want easier potato salad, just automate the potato and you’ll be happier taking it in the future.

Or just avoid potato salad like the plague COVID. I know how much you all hate potato salad. But sometimes it gets sad and lonely.


Apple + Potato Combo

Apple and Potato salad automation are thicc bois, so use this combo for something smol. Apple Salad ingredients are in the left box. Potato salad in the right box. I don’t know what colour the boxes are, because I’m colourblind

*Automation image of extra*