Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup takes up more space compared to other soup due to needing to dispose of the pumpkin seeds. The seeds can be repurposed for Pumpkin Seeds starter but provides seeds far slower due to the 1:3 ratio of pumpkin needed for soup versus seeds. Pumpkin soup also can’t be sped up by chopping the ingredients, as the pumpkin needs to be chopped anyway,

2 Loop Soup

A slower but more compact design where the soup loops around twice before finishing cooking, hence “2 loop soup”. 2 loop soup designs also forgo the frep station to further shrink the design

soup_pumpkin_2.png 2 grabber, 3 rotating, 1 conmixer, 1 danger, 1 combiner, 2 portioner, 1 sink, 1 bin, 1 freezer

1 Loop Soup

A faster but larger designs where the soup is kept on the danger hob (instead of looping) to cook twice before finishing, hence “1 loop soup”

soup_pumpkin.png 2 grabber, 3 rotating, 1 smart, 1 conmixer, 1 danger, 2 combiner, 2 portioner, 1 sink, 1 bin, 1 frep, 1 freezer