Fish automation is almost identical for 4 out of 6 fish. Spiny fish makes things a little trickier, but then crab cakes mess up everything. There’s designs for players who just avoid crab cakes, because I know how much everyone hates Crab Cakes.


Don’t like crab cakes? Here are the designs for you! Fish can be very compact shown above, but blue fish are often cooked too slowly. If you have the Need for Speed (and the space), try the design below


Crab Cakes

This design works for all 6 fish (yes, even crabby cakes). Don’t go trying to change the conveyor to a grabber otherwise the combiners won’t work. Trust me, I’m an engineer; grabber priority is weird.


Complete Fish Setup

This massive setup is designed for all fish cards, including all 6 kinds of fish, and both Fish Selection cards (4 Fish Providers). The setup is massive and not practical on most vanilla maps.