Stir Fry

Stir Fry is possible to fully automate but the full setup is excessive, even for the largest modded maps. Several designs are included for increasing the automation in steps.

Most of these designs involve a “criss-cross (apple sauce)” method of manually adding the second ingredient into 1 ingredient stir fry as needed. All designs also require manually placing woks, just once at the start of each day.

These designs can also be modified for mushroom and meat stir fry cards. A rapid mixer is recommended for meat with its longer chop time, if space allows. Bamboo requires slightly more work, but can be cooked at the same time as the rice in the wok.

Several designs don’t show woks, as these can be placed farther away from the automation and added only at the start of the day.


The second setup automatically adds rice and chopped ingredients into the woks. Single ingredient orders are fully automated, and 2 ingredient orders will only need 1 cooking time.


Extra Flavours

The third setup automatically chops and prepares all ingredients in a neat line across from the hobs. The rice and woks are still manual, but rice can be automated as shown in the following design if access isn’t needed from the other side.



Soy Sauce

Sauces can be auto served by placing it on a conveyor next to a table. Customers will use the ketchup/mustard bottle without it moving from the conveyor. Conveyor for manual placement


Complete Stir Fry Setup

The final setup shown is designed to show automation for all ingredients into woks. Add woks are still manual, but preparation of all ingredients, including bamboo is included.

Chopping meat uses a rapid mixer instead of a conveyor mixer to use the faster speed for longer chopping time than other ingredients. Extra space is not needed because of the empty space usually next to rice.

Extra woks are needed for this setup, as a wok stack only holds 4 woks, and 5 are needed here.

It is also recommended to include plates nearby, and teleporters for serving on instead of the long running distance.

Safety hobs are paramount to all of these designs. Unlike pots, woks can burn the ingredients in them. Woks need to be washed if they burn, taking about 3x longer to wash than a dish. They can’t be washed in a wash basin or dishwasher either.