“Soggy crust” is a technique to instantly make a crust by putting oil in a sink and using flour on it. The oil isn’t in the sink here, but it’s the same idea. Set the smart grabber to pizza crust so you don’t make accidental bread.

Cheese Pizza


Mushroom Pizza


Onion Pizza


Complete Pizza Setup

Expansive? Yes. 3 mains fully automated? Also yes. This does expand off the previous cheese pizza design, so expand as needed. The first design is more symmetrical, the second design has empty spaces in more useful spots. You may be asking why the base pizza automation looks different in each design. I’m also asking myself the same question.

pizza_triple.png pizza_triple_2.png

Bonus Pizza Design

Here’s a neat trick to refill all 3 pizza types with one safety hob, that works great for slower prep. The rotating grabber can be changed during the day to point at whichever frozen prep station needs refilling. Just keep a different pizza in each prep station, and throw out extras as the system backs up.