Always portion off a grabber instead of a hob, otherwise the last slice will be toast; it won’t portion, burn everything down and set customers on fire (okay maybe not that dramatic, but I’m warning you!)

The big difference in the 2 designs is cooking speed of bread: 27s on a safety hob, or 10s on a problem hoblem. 10s cook time also happens to be the compactor bin time. So there’s no risk of fire as extra bread is trashed at the same time it cooks.


Breakfast Beans

Fuck Breakfast Beans. Nevermind, you can automate them now. Beans are round and they go round unless you set the smart grabber to an empty pot.


Breakfast Eggs + Extras

Breakfast Eggs and Breakfast Extras are both crammed together, because they’re almost identical, and they all fit in a small area.

*Automation image of extra*