Broccoli Cheese Soup

The only soup requiring 2 different ingredients. Neither broccoli or cheese can be chopped to speed up cooking time

2 Loop Soup

A slower but more compact design where the soup loops around twice before finishing cooking, hence “2 loop soup”. 2 loop soup designs also forgo the frep station to further shrink the design


1 grabber, 3 rotating, 1 danger, 2 combiner, 1 portioner, 1 sink, 1 freezer

1 Loop Soup

A faster but larger designs where the soup is kept on the danger hob (instead of looping) to cook twice before finishing, hence “1 loop soup”.


3 grabber, 2 rotating, 1 smart, 1 danger, 3 combiner, 1 portioner, 1 sink, 1 frep, 1 freezer