Just like cars, Turkey has a classic design or fast design. The latter was made famous in the automation comp. Turkey carcass goes into the bin ONLY when the portioning stops (the grabber will wait its turn). Portion off the grabber instead of the hob so a second turkey cooks while the first one portions.

In the fast design: the first compactor bin empties faster than turkey burns, and the second compactor bin disposes of the carcass



Cranberry Sauce

Ahhh, the friendly Turkey extra. Easy to make, easier to automate, and a nice change of pace stuffed between Gravy and …well Stuffing.


Turkey Stuffing

The best way to automate Stuffing is to just avoid taking the recipe. This is the second best way.

Portion off the grabber instead of the hob so a second bread cooks while the first one portions. This also stops a slice toasting into toast which won’t be portioned.



Just do gravy manually every few days. Please. Gravy has as many portions as Mash, but will last much longer because it’s a topping.

Set the bottom smart grabber to a full gravy, and the right smart grabber to an empty broth.


Christmas Crackers

Quick shortcut to the Christmas Crackers page, as Turkey is required to get Crackers