This setup works for all 4 kinds of steak. Obviously just change which meat you use. The second design does thick cut steaks faster without burning. Unless you consider well-done as “burnt”. Which they are.


Thick Steak


Steak Sauces

These designs work for Wine Jus as well, just don’t put the wine in the mixer. It should be stirred, not shaken, James Bond.



The designs above are larger but fully automatic; whereas the designs below are smaller, simpler, but a lot more fun because the pot keeps going around in circles! Also it needs a pot at the start of the day.



Steak Toppings

This design is much simpler and nicer than either sauce, and makes both toppings! What more could you want? The answer lies below


Complete Steak Setup

Don’t. Just don’t. This is so unnecessary. Why?

This design is massive, excessive, impractical, won’t fit in most vanilla kitchens, but was fun to make. Tomato topping will need to be semi-automatic, and sauce can be refilled at the back of the kitchen and frozen overnight. I suppose you could fit in the fully automated sauce + toppings, but don’t you need somewhere to put tables??